10 things i hate about school -,-

i love go to school but :

1. i have wake up early to school.
2. i have bath with cold water, shit.grrrrr *shaking every morning. -,-
3. i have prepare myself and my uniform. i dont really like school uniform :/
4. i have get early to get the school bus, it's so early, at 6.30 am.. still sleepy lorgghhh
5. ouh, this is it, i really hate assembly, every assembly talks about same things and it is about disipline, soo boring lah cikgu..
6. simple, i hate studying especially sejarah, ouhhh ngantok giler douhh.
7. korikulum ? still new but already hate it, haha
8. yeah-2, homework, haha shit -,-
9. balik rumah kene naik bas lagi, tension
10. yes-2, i remember that i have to climb the 3rd floor of school building, lenguh kaki den nie..

ape lagi sin, kita bako je, kita bako, hahaha :D

i wish that scholl more easy :D

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